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Wholesale Dealing
Trade Finance
Retail FX
Customer Payments
BO&O Processing





















Wholesale & Banknotes Dealing
INTRAFIN Wholesale Dealing is a functionally rich, easy-to-use, and scalable solution for large and small dealing rooms. And it comes complete with free integrated Risk Management Processing.

Retail FX & Bureau de Change
INTRAFIN Retail FX is about helping your people deliver fast and expert service to your customers. Happy customers generate repeat business and refer your services to their friends and associates. But when it comes to handling retail international banking transactions, without extensive training, most customer service officers will be simply scared to death. In fact the time they take to serve your customer will probably cost more than the service fee that you will earn from the transaction.

Trade Finance
INTRAFIN Trade Finance is an integrated module of the INTRAFIN Network Banking system. It is designed to assist your staff to efficiently process all types of trade finance related transactions and delivery of a high level of customer service. Designed to handle today's requirements and the needs of tomorrow.

An individual INTRAFIN Straight-Through-Processing Back Office solution will efficiently handle all your International and Correspondent Banking tasks. And because it's a fully integrated module of INTRAFIN Network Banking, your solution is flexible, scalable, and easily expanse to cope with changing needs.

Back Office Operations
With an INTRAFIN Back Office solution you get all the facilities needed to support consolidation and clearance of retail international banking transactions undertaken or accepted by your branches and received via your internet banking and other electronic delivery systems.

Customer Payments
INTRAFIN Customer Payments module is designed to help streamline your Customer Payments Processing. It supports electronic payments sent or received in SWIFT format. Requests for bank drafts are also supported for customers that prefer to personally send payments direct to the beneficiary.







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