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 BO&O Processing


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INTRAFIN Back Office solution will efficiently handle all your international and correspondent banking tasks, from administration to accounting. And because it's a fully-integrated module of INTRAFIN Network Banking, your solution is flexible, scalable, and easily expanded to cope with your changing needs.

With an INTRAFIN Back Office solution you get all the facilities needed to support consolidation and clearance of retail international banking transactions undertaken or accepted by your branches and received via your internet banking and other electronic delivery systems.

INTRAFIN Back Office provides you with a functionally rich framework that exploits the benefits of INTRAFIN On-line Gateway Processing and lets you combine any of the Back Office sub-modules into a single, totally integrated solution.










With an INTRAFIN Back Office solution, you can enjoy:

Processing messages
Unattended processing of E-Banking messages emanating from sources such as other INTRAFIN modules, non-INTRAFIN applications, S.W.I.F.T., telephone banking, third parties, and your internet banking system.

Stock Inventories
Maintain travel currency stock inventories for branches and bureau de change booths.

Order Fulfillment
Undertake centralized Fulfillment of Travel Currency orders and Stock Replenishment requests.

Cheques & Bank Drafts
Do centralize printing of International Cheques and Bank Drafts in any Currency.

Customer Payments
Streamline the processing of Customer International and RTGS payments.

Stock Replenishments
Consolidate surplus travel currency not required by branches and other retail outlets and clear this to the wholesale currency market.

Cash Letter Processing
Generate Cash Letters for dispatch to clearing banks.

Travelers Cheques
Do bulk settlement of Travelers Cheques sales undertaken across all your point of sale branches.

Retail FX Positions
Monitor daily retail FX activities and their impact on the bank's overall FX positions.

And with INTRAFIN Back Office you can also:

Interface with other non-INTRAFIN applications, including your installed SWIFT Interface Device. Track pre-advised items from time of entry to time of completion.
Compose SWIFT messages and send them to your Correspondent banks. Set processing thresholds so that large value and non-standard transactions get checked and authorized. Query today's Retail FX activities and positions, produce graphs, reports and link to MS-Excel. Generate workflow basket messages to alert supervisors of transactions that need immediate attention. Capture transactions not received via E-Banking messages. Minimize your Nostro reconciliation activities and generate all Interbranch and FX settlement accounting entries. Update accounts in real-time using INTRAFIN Accounts module or interface to your existing accounts systems. Analyze business activities, view daily trends, produce graphs, reports, link to MS-Excel. Store business activity information in INTRAFIN integrated data warehouse for later retrieval.
























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