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The totally integrated back office module of INTRAFIN Network Banking can help your bank:

Increase productivity
through flexible and fully integrated solutions, incorporating other banking applications,

Deliver better customer service
by streamlining workflows to generate efficiencies

Reduce costs
by minimizing operator errors and using INTRAFIN unattended gateway processing facilities.


INTRAFIN Straight-through Processing
will efficiently handle all your international and correspondent banking tasks. And because it's a fully integrated module of INTRAFIN Network Banking, your solution is flexible, scalable, and easily expanse to cope with changing needs.








Processing lets you process E-Banking messages received from virtually any source (other applications, internet banking, phone banking, telemarketing).












INTRAFIN STP can accept E-Banking messages that contain details of:

- Negotiated clean Cheques and Travelers' Cheques for bundling into Cash Letters
- Travel currency orders - both cash and Travelers' Cheques.
- Other inventory based product orders (e.g. Phone Cards, Money Cards)
- Customer Payments requests both international SWIFT and local RTGS.
- Inward currency note remittance advices.
- Advices of Bank Drafts/Cheques issued
- Requests for Bank drafts and Cheques.
- Stock position updates resulting from foreign currency note purchases/sales.
- Advice of Travelers' Cheques sales for bulk settlements.
- Retail FX Trader bookings and position movement activities.
- Remotely held Currency Stock positions.
- Remotely prepared Treasury Accounting Entries.
           ...and others can be easily added to match your individual needs.


Interface to SWIFT, and other non-INTRAFIN applications. Track pre-advised items from time of entry to time of completion. Use integrated SWIFT message composer to communicate with your Correspondent Banks. Query daily Retail FX activity positions. Produce graphs, reports, link to MS-Excel. Capture transactions not received via e-Banking messages using INTRAFIN easy to use Back Office menu options. Minimize your Nostro reconciliation activities. Generate all inter-branch and FX settlement accounting entries. Use INTRAFIN Accounts multi-currency module or interface to your existing General Ledger and Treasury accounting systems. Monitor transaction processing via automated Workflow Basket messaging. Analyze business activities that are happening right now. View trends. Print daily transaction journals. Store business activity information in INTRAFIN optional integrated data warehouse for later retrieval.







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