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 Trade Finance


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INTRAFIN Trade Finance
is an integrated module of the INTRAFIN Network Banking system. It is designed to assist your staff to efficiently process all types of trade finance related transactions and delivery of a high level of customer service. Designed to handle today's requirements and the needs of tomorrow.









Any number of products, such as Documentary Letters of Credit, Collections, and other types of products can be defined using terminology that is already used by your bank. Attached to these products are the associated rules covering, amongst other things: calculation of service fees, commissions, production of advices/messages, transaction authorization, and exposure processing requirements.

INTRAFIN Trade Finance will assist your operators with transaction inquiries, follow-ups and prompts, and the production of management information - including correspondent bank reciprocal business, customer advices, and correspondent bank schedules.

To maximize your investment, we will deliver INTRAFIN Trade Finance with a comprehensive collection of pre-defined trade products. This will minimize system implementation effort and allow your operations staff to start processing trade transactions in the shortest possible time.









Transaction Processing and Tracking
Multi-currency Risk Management
Management Information
Shipping Guarantees
Accounting and Interface to other Applications



- Air Way Bill Releases
- Trade Related Forward Exchange Contracts
- Post Shipment Finance
- Trust Receipt Loans
- Pre Shipment Advances
- Packing Loans
- Shipping Guarantees
- Goods in Bonded Warehouse/Delivery Orders
- Refinance Products
- Bankers Acceptances
- Other User Definable Trade Products

- Import/Export Letters of Credit
(including transferable L/Cs)
- Sight/Term/Mixed Drawings/Negotiations
- Standby Letters of Credit
- Local Letters of Credit
- Confirmed Export Credits
- Export Bills Purchased
- Discounted Bills Outside Credit
- Inward/Outward Documentary Collections
- Inward/Outward Clean Collections
- Bank Guarantees
- Performance/Bid Bonds


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