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 Retail FX


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           Make the right move... discover the benefits of INTRAFIN Retail FX

Products include:
Purchase and Sale of Foreign Notes
Purchase and Sale of Travelers Cherubs
Issue of Bank Cheques and Drafts in any currency
International Payments including generation of SWIFT messages
Negotiations and collection of Personal Cheques drawn on banks overseas.
Encashment of Coupons, Dividend payments and other negotiable items
Sale of Telephone Cards and pre-loaded Money Cards
Foreign Currency Cash Remittances
Lodgment of Travel Currency Orders and Stock Replenishment Requests




INTRAFIN Retail FX is about helping your people deliver fast and expert service to your customers. Happy customers generate repeat business and refer your services to their friends and associates. But when it comes to handling retail international banking transactions, without extensive training, most customer service officers will be simply scared to death. In fact the time they take to serve your customer will probably cost more than the service fee that you will earn from the transaction.

INTRAFIN Retail FX is purpose built to overcome these types of problems. This quality solution takes the "your customers get served by an expert" philosophy of our original 1988 system to the extreme. The system's easy-to-use features will assist your tellers to be more productive, increase their rate of transactions and minimize errors. One of Australia's biggest banks has been using INTRAFIN Retail FX in hundreds of its sites for over a decade. Our experience shows that you will reduce costs and increase your return on investment.





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