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 Wholesale Dealing


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INTRAFIN Wholesale Dealing is a functionally rich, easy-to-use, and scalable solution for large and small dealing rooms. And it comes complete with free integrated risk management processing!

Spot and Forward FX Deals
FX Swap Deals
FX Position Transfers
Money Market Loans
Money Market Deposits
Wholesale Banknote Deals
Cash Centre Transfers

Since 1986, INTRAFIN has been providing quality solutions to banks in Australia and throughout the world.

INTRAFIN Wholesale Dealing is a leader in dealer workbench innovation, back office administration, management of multiple cash centers, and management information reporting.

Control your dealing desk trading limits, country, bank, and deal party daily net settlements and product based limits with INTRAFIN Global Risk Management & Control module.

Use the customizable INTRAFIN Dealer Workbench for easy, intuitive and fast deal input. Each dealer can pre-set their favorite deal types, deal parties, deal currencies, and counter currencies. As well as Accepted deals, you can also save Dummy, Quoted, and Pending deals.

Rely on real-time updating of individual Dealer Positions and instant access to INTRAFIN What-if Profit/Loss calculator. FX profit/loss and gain/loss on banknote sales is automatically calculated for each deal.

Increase productivity in your Dealing Support, Back Office & Vault Operations with easy to use tools for confirming settlement instructions, receiving and dispatching cash shipments, and streamlining daily tasks.

Broaden the scope of your operations by adding the Banknote Safety Deposits or Shipping & Distribution sub modules.

And there's more... User definable FX Position Desks. Position inquiries with integrated 'drill-down' features. Links to Microsoft-Excel. Integrated data warehouse. INTRAFIN Multi-Currency Accounting or interface to your existing accounting system.

Extensive Management Information Reporting. End-user reporting via a copy of your preferred end user reporting tool.















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